Best Hotels in Deira, Dubai

Deira is a historic district in the city of Dubai where you can find plenty of tourist attractions such as Emirati houses and mosques with traditional architecture, spice souks, cultural sites, fish and vegetable markets.

A thriving business and commercial district, you will find a lot of hotels in Deira Dubai. Staying in this place is very convenient as it has easy access to many other areas in the city.

If you want to explore Deira, start your day at Deira Old Souk Abra Station and take a ride in the traditional wooden boat called abra. Discover the city’s history by visiting The Heritage House, an 1890 courtyard house located in the city’s oldest urban site.

Head to Deira Old Souk where you can see the famous Dubai Gold Souk with more than 300 jewelry stores with magnificent displays of gold and precious stones. If you like traditional herbs and spices, essences or perfumes, visit the adjacent Spice Souk where you can find heaps of spices and traditional essences.

In the same area, a few more steps would bring you to the Textile Souk where you can find an overwhelming number of textile shops and pashmina houses selling colorful pashmina shawls of different styles and textures.

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