Best Hotels in Osaka, The Epic Urban Destination of Japan

Osaka is a city located in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. It is bordered by Kyoto in the north, and Wakayama in the south. It is considered as Japan’s financial hub and “second city” next to Tokyo. Osaka has a great relaxing vibe and an amazing food culture. It is famous for its modern architecture, hearty street food and vibrant nightlife.

Planning a trip to this sprightly city begins with finding the best place to stay. You can find a wide range of hotels in Osaka in its different neighborhoods. Namba is known as an entertainment hub, Shinsaibashi a shopping district, Temma the home of ancient shrines and Nakazakicho the traditional neighborhood with narrow streets.Osaka-ko offers splendid waterfront views.

Universal Studios Japan is famous for families as well as other travelers. For the history buff, the massive Osaka Castle is a must-visit attraction. It is a famed landmark of the city, where you can learn the rich history of Osaka.

Visit Dotonbori, a vibrant entertainment area perfect for the shopaholics and food lovers where you can enjoy an amazing variety of restaurants and stores! Ready for your culture trip to Osaka? has curated the best hotels in Osaka to match your travel style.