Best Hotels in Guangzhou, China’s Most Livable City

Guangzhou is a sprawling city and capital of Guangdong Province. It is the third largest city in China and is situated northwest of Hong Kong on the Pearl River. Guangzhou has a mix of old and new as it features futuristic skyscrapers with ancient temples. Guangzhou is a cultural and historical crossroad, making it perfect for exploration.

Guangzhou is certainly not a city to be missed when you’re planning your vacation to China. Start by finding the best hotels in Guangzhou and make the most of your holiday by visiting the famous attractions. Liwan and Yuexiu are the areas where you can see the important landmarks of Guangzhou such as Cantonese Opera and Art Museum, Chen Clan Academy and Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, as well as some very interesting sites like the Yuexiu Park and Nanyue King Mausoleum.

Guangzhou is known as “ The City of Flowers” due to its subtropical climate blessed with beautiful flowers. Experience Spring Festival Flower Fair, an annual celebration where streets and alleyways are covered with color. Enjoy the evening with a relaxing cruise on Pearl River where you can see the gorgeous views of the Guangzhou cityscape.

Guangzhou might be a modern city but you can find cheap hotels in Guangzhou that are ideal for your budget. Choose your hotel from’s wide range of accommodation and book now!