Best Hotels in Phatthalung, the Gem of Southern Thailand

Phatthalung is an ancient city situated in southern Thailand. It is a land of great natural beauty and noted as the birthplace of the shadow play and the Nora dance.

Phatthalung’s rich and unique culture is perceived as a rare gem in Thailand. This southern city is where rich natural resources and a simple way of life are a long-cherished cultural heritage. Truly, this place is a paradise waiting to be discovered.

Phatthalung hotels are diverse with great locations and easy access to tourist attractions. Whether you need a low-cost or a luxury hotel, this city has it all for you!

The best-known attraction of Phatthalung is the Thale Noi Waterfowl Park, which is the largest of its kind in Thailand. Beyond natural attractions, tourists can also learn the history of the city by visiting its ancient temples and monuments.

Phatthalung rests beneath Khao Ok Thalu, a peak that is clearly visible from afar. The city also features a unique limestone formation and beautiful natural reserves such as Talay Noi. It is a huge lake with many local plants where you can spot migratory and endemic birds.

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