Best Hotels in Baku, “The Land of Fire”

Baku is Azerbaijan’s capital and largest city. The place is a low-lying area with its coastline along the Caspian Sea. Apart from the coastline that the city is proud of, Baku also offers a unique selection of extraordinary activities.

With so many things to do in Baku, you can kickstart your day with a traditional breakfast in the Old City. These are egg-based dishes known as Pomidor Chikhirtma. After a mouth-watering breakfast, feel free to roam around the area as the Old City is also the latest UNESCO World Heritage site. Indulge yourself in the culture of Baku that will leave you nothing but good memories!

You can also get yourself busy visiting ancient churches and the Carpet Museum. For more adventure, you can also go hiking between the mountain villages! For wildlife lovers, enjoy the city’s 9 national parks with amazing flora and fauna.

A fun fact about Azerbaijan, it is often called “The Land of Fire”. The country is abundant in natural gas and oil, and fire has been one of the symbols of Baku, which is reflected in the remarkable Flame Towers. has created a list of best hotels, from cheap hotels in Baku to luxury hotels to fit your budget and needs.