Best Hotels in Bratislava, the Modern City on the Danube

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia since the country has declared its independence in 1993. It is a Gothic and medieval old town with baroque palaces, outlandish statues, blocks which are remnants of the communist era, and a futurist bridge. The city is endowed with the natural beauty of lush greenery and the relaxing atmosphere of the historical Danube River.

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With the touch of modernism, Bratislava has vibrant cafes, restaurants, bars, and rollicking pub culture. Summer is a peak season for Bratislava where there are extravaganzas of festivals, dance, and music.

The city is a perfect blend of old and new. In the Old Town, you will see Gothic and medieval structures, cafe terraces, and cellar restaurants. Wander inside the revived Bratislava Castle and see fine arts and views of the river. If you are a museum buff, don’t miss the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum. Enjoy the views along Danube River while cruising to Vienna or Devin. See the Soviet Monuments and discover a rich history.

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