Best Hotels in Liverpool, the Maritime City of England

Liverpool is a city in Merseyside, situated in the North West of England. It is a coastal city with a rich history and is known for its art and music, football, stunning buildings, and friendly locals. Liverpool is considered as the birthplace of The Beatles and is home to the Philharmonic Orchestra.

The city has become one of the top must-visit destinations in England over the last ten years as it was named as European Capital of Culture back in 2008.

There are hotels in Liverpool to suit all budgets and needs. In this sprawling city, there is a great variety of accommodation options ranging from budget hotels to luxury hotels and apartments for families.

There’s so much to do in Liverpool that is perfect for sightseeing. It offers various free museums, parks, and affordable restaurants. Sports fanatics can enjoy watching football matches, while art enthusiasts may opt to explore the World Museum. The Albert Dock, one of Liverpool’s main attractions is also an interesting place to see.

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