Best Hotels in Marbella, the Vibrant City of Spain

Marbella is a lively coastal city in the province of Malaga, Southern Spain. This vivid seaside town is known for its pristine beaches, warm climate and vibrant nightlife. It is an exclusive getaway for various international celebrities, business executives and royalty where they enjoy lavish luxury hotels, first-class restaurants, luxury yachts, nightclubs, and star-studded entertainment.

Experiencing the best of the city needs exquisite planning of itinerary which begins with finding the best hotels in Marbella. There are plenty of options ranging from beach hotels, mid-range hotels, luxury hotels and even cheap hotels in Marbella that's perfect for your budget.

Marbella has two parts, the old city and a new part. The new part is close to the beach and is filled with restaurants and shops. Have a nice stroll and relax over the beach and enjoy a savory fresh fish at the beach bar or restaurants.

For the history buff, visit the old town and explore the beautiful old buildings and roam around the small streets filled with orange trees, townhouses, and patios which makes it a great place to wander.

Excited for a vibrant holiday? has curated a list of the best hotels in Marbella for a truly remarkable Marbella vacation.