Best Hotels in Vienna, the European Capital of Classical Music

Vienna is the capital and the most populous city in Austria. It is situated in the northeast part of Austria between the Carpathian and the Alps. It is one of the music capitals of the world. It is characterized by imperial palaces and baroque streetscapes.

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The city is very famous for music and art. Beethoven, Franz Schubert, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are famous classical musicians whose homes in Vienna were converted into museums and made open to the public. Gustav Klimt, the famous symbolist painter noted for his paintings, sketches, and murals was born and died in Vienna.

Vienna owes it imperial architecture from the legacy of Habsburg monarchy who lived in Hofburg Palace Complex for six centuries. The complex houses Burgkapelle (Imperial Chapel), the famed Spanish Riding School, and the chandeliered Kaiserappartements.

The city is also renowned for fine dining and drinking. It has opulent coffee-houses that serve spectacular cakes, elegant restaurants, vaulted wine cellars serving the costly Austrian fine wines, and wine taverns in the vineyards around the city.

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