Best Hotels in Lahore, the Cultural Heart of Pakistan

Lahore city is the capital and historic cultural center of the Punjab province in Pakistan. It is the second-largest city of Pakistan after Karachi. Lahore is called the 'City of Gardens' due to its various parks and gardens. This city is also known for its rich culture and lively atmosphere.

Lahore has a huge choice of places to stay. If you fancy a lavish stay, then five-star hotels in the city center are the best options. For the budget conscious, there is an array of cheap hotels in Lahore where you can stay conveniently.

Explore Lahore Fort, a citadel which is declared as a UNESCO world heritage site with a stunning example of Mughal architecture. It houses several historic sites like The Naulakha Pavilion, The Picture Wall and The Sheesh Mahal. Or find serenity at Badshahi Mosque, an architectural gem, and Lahore’s most iconic landmark and largest mosque.

Enlighten yourself with Pakistan’s rich history in Lahore Museum. This museum displays prehistoric artifacts and an exceptional collection of jewelry, paintings, craft objects and relics from various civilizations.

Have an authentic Lahore shopping experience at Anarkali Bazaar, Lahore's main bazaar and one of the oldest markets in the country.

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