Best Hotels in Düsseldorf , “Live Close Feel Free”

Düsseldorf is located in western Germany. It lies on the right side of the Rhine River, making it the administrative and cultural center of the Rhine-Ruhr area. In the city’s slogan, “live close” means the city’s connectedness brought by the open attitude of the people and a good transportation system. “Feel free” means expressiveness, tolerance and internationality.

Find the best hotels in Dusseldorf, Germany and start planning your fabulous trip. With the city’s 50 districts, you will be amazed by the charm and stunning attractions each has to offer.

Düsseldorf is a treat to museum fans. The city is rich in culture, art and history. Music, theater, churches, and street arts are just around the corner. It has many bars and restaurants.

Among the popular spots are the Old Town, Königsallee, and the Media Harbour. Königsallee is known for its three-line shopping street while the Media Harbour charms tourists of its “old and new” unique blend. Old walls, rail tracks, and old loading lines have been saved in the area and classed as historical monuments. Visit Hofgarten (Court Garden) and Japanese Düsseldorf for nature trips.

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