Best Hotels in Cologne, the Largest City on the Rhine

Cologne is Germany’s fourth largest city stretching on the Rhine River on the western side of the country. This 2000-year old city is a cultural hub renowned for the High Gothic architectural landmark and medieval churches.

Cologne is also one of the busiest cities in Germany. Finding the best hotels in Cologne ahead of time is important for a successful travel whether for business or leisure. The city is teeming with big brand names as well as smaller hotel options.

The city is rich in history and architecture. The most prominent landmark is the twin-spired Cologne Cathedral that dominates the city skyline. Museum Ludwig, just adjacent to the cathedral, houses many masterpieces by the famous artist Pablo Picasso. Another museum, the Romano-Germanic Museum showcases antiquities dating back from the reign of the Roman empire.

Germany’s largest zoo, the Koelner Zoo is a good place to visit for families. How about a sweet trip to the famous Schokoladen Museum where you can explore chocolate exhibits and have an insight into the 5000-year history of cocoa?

There is so much more to explore such as the many vintage shops, restaurants, and buzzing squares and bars.

Check’s great options for hotels in Cologne, Germany, and have a fantastic adventure in this Gothic city!