Best Hotels in Hanoi, “The City in a Bend of the River”

Hanoi, the second largest and Vietnam’s capital city lies in northern Vietnam on the western bank of the Red River. Down the memory lane, Vietnam has been called a lot of names such as Dong Kihn which means Eastern Capital or Tonquin as it is called by the Europeans. Lastly, the Nguyen Dynasty named it as Hanoi meaning “between two rivers”.

Whether you are on a business trip or family leisure travel, surely there is something for you in Hanoi. If you’re looking for high-end hospitality, Hanoi’s luxury hotels offer added comfort and convenience. For the value conscious, budget hotels are not hard to find.

You will not get any slack time while exploring the busy heart of Hanoi.The city has a unique city center with ancient museums, distinct pagodas, and well-preserved colonial buildings. It is a magnificent place to explore on foot as you will discover delightful cuisines, vibrant nightlife and stunning attractions just around the corners.

You will surely experience Vietnam by exploring the capital. Spend a half or an hour visiting the Old Quarter. Vietnamese Women’s Museum and the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology are the attractions that will offer you the remarkable history of the country.

Hanoi is the sum total of many stunning attractions Vietnam has to offer. Never miss interesting spots like Temple of Literature, West Lake, Hoan Kiem Lake, Long Bien Bridge, and Lotte Tower Observation Deck.

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