Best Hotels in Shenzhen, China’s City of Future

Shenzhen is a sprawling coastal city in southern Guangdong Province, People’s Republic of China. It is situated on the east bank of the Pearl River and is about 41 kilometers from Hong Kong. This city transformed from a small fishing village less than 40 years ago and became one of the major South China mega-cities.

With its modern skyscrapers, its historical sites, and its natural wonders, there is certainly no shortage of hotels in Shenzhen. Those who are in for more luxury may opt for the pricey side, however, there are affordable hotels for the value-conscious travelers.

Shenzhen has numerous tourist attractions ranging from theme parks, rural places and museums. If you are visiting Shenzhen with your family, a perfect place to explore is Splendid China, a theme park that showcases the miniature of China’s tourist attractions including The Terracotta Army, Potala Palace and The Great Wall of China.

Learn China’s rich history and culture in Folk Culture Villages or escape to the countryside and have a serene hike at the Nanshan mountain and enjoy the stunning ocean views and lush hills along the trail.

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