Best Hotels in Moscow, the Charming Capital of Russia

Moscow is the capital city of Russia. It is the most populous city in the nation and the second-most populous city in Europe. Moscow is one of the most captivating and superb tourist destinations around the world. It is renowned for its historical heritage and architectural landmarks. This city is famous for its gardens, museums, and cathedrals.

There is a wide variety of hotels in Moscow. Depending on the travel style and budget, surely there is something for everyone. You can choose from luxury hotels, to boutique apartments, to honeymooner’s suite and even rooms for backpackers.

Moscow is home to plenty of UNESCO world heritage sites. One of these is the Red Square, a historic center of Russian culture and the most famous landmark of the city. Discover and be allured by the unique design of the colorful and iconic Saint Basil’s Cathedral. Adjacent to this cathedral is the GUM, the most beautiful and main department store of Russia where you can go for shopping and dining.

Explore the official residence of Russia’s President, The Kremlin. Visit the Kremlin Museum, The Ivan the Great Bell Tower Complex, Cathedral Square and various historical collections like jewelry and weapons.

See the priceless sights of Moscow and book your hotel in We have curated an amazing list of best hotels in Moscow, tailored to meet your budget and needs.