Best Hotels in Rotterdam, a City Built on Innovation

Rotterdam is a city in The Netherlands, in the province of South Holland. It is situated at the opening of the Nieuwe Maas channel. Rotterdam has a rich history tracing back to the construction of a dam in the Rotte in 1270, hence the name Rotterdam.

A dynamic global city, Rotterdam has sparkling skyscrapers, trendy restaurants, food markets, and an impressive port. It is the home to renowned museums alongside modern architecture; a remarkable indication of a city that reinvented itself after bombardment in World War II.

Explore Rotterdam and make the most out of your visit by staying in convenient accommodations. When you talk about luxury hotels, Rotterdam is lined with chains of hotel brands. For value-savvy travelers, there are also lots of affordable hotel rooms in various locations.

The city has patchworks of architecture from the ’60s, the ’70s, and the ’80s, that are clashing with modern landmarks. Visit the Erasmusbrug, De Rotterdam, the Timmerhuis, and of course the Markthal, Netherland’s first indoor market hall where you can find a hundred stalls of fresh goodies, food shops and diverse restaurants including a restaurant of Jamie Oliver.

Enjoy Rotterdams’s incredible variety of attractions and experiences for all ages. Book your stay with where we have selected for you the best hotels in Rotterdam, Netherlands!