Best Hotels in The Hague, the Judicial Capital of the World

The Hague is a city situated on the North Sea coast and capital of the province of South Holland in The Netherlands. The Hague is known as the "Judicial Capital of the World" as it hosts many international courts that are located in the city.

Places to stay in The Hague exist for every type of traveler. Hotels in The Hague are plenty with diverse styles, convenient locations, and access to top tourist sites that are waiting to be explored.

The coastal city of The Hague is best known for having some grandiose royalist buildings, palaces, mansions, and a very important international court.

There are plenty of sites to explore in The Hague. The Binnenhof Castle is one of The Hague’s most iconic buildings and the best example of Gothic architecture. Visit The Mauritshuis Museum, the home to the famous ‘The Girl with the Pearl Earring’ painting.

Plein is one of the old city's most charming and The Hague's most historic buildings, as well as a great place for outdoor cafes and shopping options.

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