Best Hotels in Al Ain, the Garden City of Uae

Al Ain is a city located in the Eastern Region of Abu Dhabi, on the United Arab Emirates' border with Oman. It is called The Garden City as the place is filled with greenery and teeming with a rich history and culture. A great way to spend your holiday is to go on a road trip to Al Ain, a refreshing break from the modern city.

A highly recommended attraction in the city is Al Ain Zoo where you can discover wildlife and see animals like gorillas, jaguars, monkeys, crocodiles and many more. Spend some time at the Al Ain Museum, the oldest museum in UAE and witness an abundant collection of archaeological artifacts.

Travel to the top of Jebel Hafeet mountain, snap a photo and overlook the panoramic view of the city and the desert. Head down to Green Mubazzarah Park and go camping, have some barbecue or just simply dip your feet in the free-falling water and appreciate the scenic view of the mountain.

Al Ain is indeed a brilliant destination to spend your holiday. Need accommodation but you’re on a budget? got you covered as we have curated an amazing list of the best hotels in Al Ain catered for your budget and needs.